Thursday, October 18, 2007

Environmental Cause-Stop $50 Billion Nuclear Industry Loan Guarantees

A bit off base, but not really, since being an environmental activist is a major part of who I am, and what I, this just in from Green Nuclear Butterfly.

New day, new petition to stop $50 Billion in Nuclear Loan Guarantees...goal here is one week 1000 signatures, so any help is appreciated. Think it is very important that we have a Petition going into our elected officials here in the North East that is representative of their constituents.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Oppose 50 Billion in Nuclear Loan Guarantees

The full court press is on, and the lobbyist for the Nuclear Industry (NEI) are walking the halls of both the house and senate in the hopes of pushing through $50 BILLION in loan guarantees for new nuclear reactors...Green Nuclear Butterfly is giving itself ONE WEEK to collect 1,000 co-signers on our Petition opposing these loan guarantees. Give us a hand by sharing this post, or linking to our Petition on your blog or web site. Post it to your list serves.

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A Serious Infrastructure Crack At Entergy's Indian Point Leaking Tritium Into Our Environment

Oppose 50 Billion in Nuclear Loan Guarantees

All Grassroots Environmental Organizations and Individual Activists
The picture you see is a serious infrastructure crack, and radioactive leak at Entergy's Indian Point. Our children, our spouses, and our parents and relatives are dying from allowable radiological releases of strontium 90, and tritium. No United States home owner can get insurance to cover their personal losses from a nuclear incident or terrorist attack. Now, this failing industry wants to build over 200 new reactors in your neighborhoods, and use your money to pay for it.

The Congress and Senate in committee can give the nuclear industry a blank check in the form of 50 Billion in loan guarantees, or they can strip them out.

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Oppose 50 Billion in Nuclear Loan Guarantees
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Friday, October 12, 2007


Imagine a world where people had the time to really care about what we are doing to our planet. Imagine a world where the measure of success was not the car you drove, or the location of your abode. Imagine a world where less was truly more, a place where people found joy in nuturing Mother Earth.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

A Yellow Submarine-Remember The Meenies?

Some claim I've never grown up, others say I should cut my hair. Those barbs would be easier to take if the voices were not those of old comrades whom I counted as friends. Where did the disconnect occur, did I miss some memo, was I out in the woods smelling roses when the word went out to put away the bell bottom jeans?

Not complaining, but do admit to being confused. I thought we were out to change the world, believed our generation could make a difference, leave our mark on the world for generations to come. As a child I grew up practicing hiding under my desk while hearing all about the friendly atom. Today yuppies who were once hippies drive around in Beamers, playing the margins on Wall Street, and speaking of a Nuclear Renaissance saving us from Global reminds me of the Twilight Zone, but this time around I want to change the channel, adjust my set.

The more things change, the more they stay the same. The Iraq War, Vietnam, or George Bush verse Richard Nixon. If this is what they meant about a second childhood, I could really bypass the trip.

Whack A Mole Memories of A Vagabond Indigo Soul

Don't eat the yellow acid, daisy chains of love, and whatever happened to Rock and Roll? It ended up on You Tube, found its way into elevator music status, and gets used to sell us a new car we really do not need, but will buy any way to keep up with the Jone's that are in debt up to their ears. Yes, unlike Bill Clinton, I did inhale, and like Mikie with his Life cereal, I liked it.

Holy Bat Shit Robin, the Monkeys are loose in Chatham, and whatever happened to Baby Jane...if you caught that reference point, you grew up with Black and White television, and probably saw the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show. What happened to those good old days, a fifth of Boonesfarm Apple Wine, and a fat dubbie enough to entertain a crowd of ten sitting around the campfire as Momma Cass Elliot belted out tunes as the Eight Track tape kept playing over and over again while children with names like Sparkle, and Moon Beam were concieved in the back of a VW Micro Bus.

I am, therefore I must be...Moody Blues always had their act together back then. Oh my GOD, I am slipping into a time warp as my mind takes a walk down memory lane. It is hoped as this blog comes together that you'll come along for the ride. Kick back, pour your drink of choice, and join me for a time of rememberance as I share some of my favorite videos found on You Tube, share the life and times of a free spirit, a Indigo Child long before the term was ever invented.