Thursday, October 4, 2007

Whack A Mole Memories of A Vagabond Indigo Soul

Don't eat the yellow acid, daisy chains of love, and whatever happened to Rock and Roll? It ended up on You Tube, found its way into elevator music status, and gets used to sell us a new car we really do not need, but will buy any way to keep up with the Jone's that are in debt up to their ears. Yes, unlike Bill Clinton, I did inhale, and like Mikie with his Life cereal, I liked it.

Holy Bat Shit Robin, the Monkeys are loose in Chatham, and whatever happened to Baby Jane...if you caught that reference point, you grew up with Black and White television, and probably saw the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show. What happened to those good old days, a fifth of Boonesfarm Apple Wine, and a fat dubbie enough to entertain a crowd of ten sitting around the campfire as Momma Cass Elliot belted out tunes as the Eight Track tape kept playing over and over again while children with names like Sparkle, and Moon Beam were concieved in the back of a VW Micro Bus.

I am, therefore I must be...Moody Blues always had their act together back then. Oh my GOD, I am slipping into a time warp as my mind takes a walk down memory lane. It is hoped as this blog comes together that you'll come along for the ride. Kick back, pour your drink of choice, and join me for a time of rememberance as I share some of my favorite videos found on You Tube, share the life and times of a free spirit, a Indigo Child long before the term was ever invented.

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